Who said farming’s not for women?

11 March 2021

Today we’re in Giano, Umbria, in a picturesque landscape of vineyards and olive groves. This is where we find the Moretti Omero farm.

It’s here that proprietor Giusy brings her dreams to life through farming. She’s overturning prejudices of gender that still exist in this field, and proving that working the land is not “men’s work”.

Moretti Omero produces wines and oils of great quality, working with love, dedication and respect for the environment. Genuine products of the land and tradition, reflected in the values of the producers.

Long before Giusy’s time, the farm was established by her paternal grandparents. The grandfather, returned from the Second World War, invested in a small piece of terrain and with the help of his wife began producing wine. In 1992 Omero began reproducing with organic certification, and then, ten years ago, Giusy took over the reigns.

Links with the land

Moretti Omero

Giusy uses all her energy to improve the farm’s visibility, telling its story and that of her family, from the beloved lands she grew up on to the unique wines and oils they provide. And it’s the same when she speaks to us. “I grew up in this countryside, surrounded by a landscape that has always enchanted me, where I feel truly at home. I observed the work of my grandparents and my father over the years, and the love and passion with which they care for this beautiful place.”

Giusy’s choice wasn’t immediate. “I’d decided to take a different path. I graduated in architecture and initially I dreamed of going to live far away, outside Italy. Then I began to think about what I’d be leaving behind. It saddened me, above all the idea of being distant from this place, the idea of returning to enjoy this panorama just a few times and no longer considering it home. So in the end I took over on the farm to help my family with our exports and international relations. I speak a few languages, and I was able to help them grow the business. I understood then that this was where I belonged. The road that I chose was that of increasing visibility for this land, a land I’m in love with; I want to tell the story of its products and spread the principles that we believe in so firmly. The importance of respecting the environment, of producing quality wine and oil, made artisanally, organically, keeping alive those traditions which are, deep down, our identity.”

Moretti Omero: labels like clothes

Giusy works with an ever-wider market. The wine and oil of her family farm cross oceans and borders, cultural barriers and represent a high-quality vision of traditional Italian gastronomy.

“Telling the story that there is behind a bottle of wine or oil isn’t easy. One must reinvent oneself in order to devise the most effective method for communicating that story to the customer. I believe in the value of labels. They’re the clothes we put on our bottles. They’re our calling card. It’s fundamental that the label is able to express our identity. Paying attention to the details of the label also shows that we care about our customers, too. Caring about the details is a value that I’ve learned over time, and the lessons I’ve learned from working commercially with other countries have been fundamental in this process.”

One of the most important clients is Japan. A precise client, who asks for lots of information, and expects clarity in everything. As Giusy puts it, “I’ve learned so much from these client relationships. It’s a precious source of wisdom. I sell them the flavor and the aroma of my land, and the lessons I’ve learned from them, and which I’m grateful, feel like part of the payment.”

Women on the land

Ever since she was a child Giusy has been in an environment where hard work is repaid in the quality of the final product, where sacrifice and sweat fill the heart with pride because they’re the only way to achieve good results. Her grandmother, who she saw working in the fields as a girl, taught her that farming is a woman’s world, too. Unfortunately there have been many others over the years who said the opposite, who’ve told Giusy that working the land was a man’s job, and that women should occupy themselves with other things.

“My grandmother established this farm together with my grandfather. They always did everything together from the beginning. They got their hands dirty side by side. They work day by day, every day of their lives in the same way. Without my grandmother this place would probably never have become what it is today. When my father bought some more hectares of land a few years ago, to amplify our productive capacity, there were many who told him – ‘But you have no son! Women can’t work the land, you won’t know who to leave the inheritance to.'”

But Giusy had other ideas. “I, like my grandmother and so many other women, am living proof that is a sector for men and women too. Our contribution is no less than a man’s. We’re an essential part of agriculture. We’re capable of working in any field, just as they are. A profession so ancient, with such importance and great values like ours, cannot and must not be stained by the small-mindedness of people that think otherwise.”

by Carolina Meli, info.eventi@slowfood.it

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