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On My Plate – the Slow Food challenge for 2021

Slow Food launches the On My Plate Challenge: six weeks to put good, clean and fair food on the table.

On My Plate is a Slow Food initiative that aims to:

  • Connect us with other people at the local, national and global level, people who believe in creating a better world through food.
  • Learn more about good, clean and fair food.
  • Act together and share the experiences with other activists across the world.

We’re living in difficult times. A global pandemic has ripped up the social fabric, keeping us isolated and glued, more than ever, to our screens. Yet through it all, the grip of the multinationals on the global food system continues to tighten. Large retailers grow in strength and profits, while farmers and food artisans struggle to survive. Amazingly, however, 70% of all agriculture destined for human consumption is provided by farmers and small-scale food producers who together have just 30% of the resources. Despite this, this fragile link in the chain plays a vital role in filling the void left by global distribution networks, adapting their operating models to help contain the pandemic and feed their local communities.

To explore these issues, starting from January 18, 2021, Slow Food will guide you along a six-week challenge with On My Plate, investigating the journey that our food takes to arrive on our tables. Through online activities we’ll widen our horizons and act collectively for a better food system.

We’ll do this via the pillars of the Slow Food philosophy: Good, Clean and Fair. The goal is to share tools and information with our worldwide community that can help us understand how our food systems work and unite us in a global struggle to overhaul and improve them.

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