One of the key ideas to come out of the Slow Food International Congress in Chengdu in 2017 was the need to strengthen communities. Of course, the idea of communities has been an integral part of our movement since 2004, when we held the first Terra Madre.

For over 16 years our movement has been testing the validity of this vision, a structure which has different characteristics compared to more traditional forms of organization like political parties and associations. With Terra Madre our approach has always been to avoid demanding commitments, but to allow communities to express themselves autonomously.


Photo: Oliver Migliore and Marco Del Comune.

And so it is this year. The Slow Food Communities are the yeast and living salt of the movement. They’ve shown that amply since the Covid-19 pandemic began, developing solutions to support vulnerable people through solidarity.

They’ve done so by creating new opportunities for producers to sell their food, sharing knowledge and recipes online, giving lessons on gardening, swapping traditional seeds, giving away bread and other essential goods to those most in need.  Take a look for yourself: we’ve been collecting their stories.


We’ll continue this work over the coming months, because the communities – as well as the convivia, and all the other nodes of the Slow Food network – will be the true protagonists of this edition of the event. Their task is to take up the challenge and become leaders and promoters of the thousands of initiatives which together make up Terra Madre.

Photo: Oliver Migliore and Marco Del Comune.

They can do it with total freedom, by organizing digital or physical events connected to one of the three strategic objectives contained in our Call to Action: the defense of biodiversity, education, and advocacy.

All of this will allow us to evaluate the impact of the event, in terms of the number of activities held and people involved, but also in terms of our efficiency in achieving these objectives.

Are you part of the Slow Food network – are you interested in organizing an event as part of Terra Madre? We’ll help you get started!