This is our story, the story of Carine and Giovanna, who founded Wu Wan Wo company in Taiwan in order to produce an artisan soy sauce. We are not successor in a  family business, but we started our own enterprise because of a passionate desire to regain the traditional Taiwanese skill of making artisan soy sauce  following the dry fermentation method. This traditional method allow to create a very unique aroma of fermentation and various layers of flavour.

In order to make a real artisan soy sauce there are three things to consider:

  • soybean and salt: only two basic ingredients
  • natural sunlight
  • time

Once the beans have been harvested and cleaned, they are covered with salt in layers and stored in terracotta pots. The salt quality is very important as only with a good quality salt the fermentation flavour can rise up. Once the last layer of salt has been added to the top of terracotta pots, we leave the mix to rest. The exact fermentation time depends on the heat of the sun and therefore You don’t have to be in a rush. After 365 days we may have our first drop of sauce and quantity is always limited. Our “black liquid gold” is then stored in dark glass bottles imported from Italy, similar to those used for storage of high-quality olive oil.

Our desire is that whenever someone tastes our soy sauce, they will not forget it! That’s why we called our product Wu Wan Wo, which means “Forget me not”.

Our soy sauce contains no gluten, no GMO, light salt content and no preservatives.

Currently we produce two flavours, both expressing an intense flavour of fermented soybean and a sweet aftertaste that in Japan is known as umami.

  • Harmonious: this sauce is great for dipping and salad dressing
  • Rich: it is more suitable for fried rice, vegetables and stew meat.

Two words about the origin of our raw material: Taiwan is an island surrounded by Pacific Ocean and Taiwan Straits, yet it is very difficult to find high quality pure salt here. Luckily we unexpectedly discovered in Piran (Slovenia) a salt rich in microorganisms and minerals, which now enrich and liven the flavour of our soy sauce. As for the soy, most farmers in Taiwan  stopped growing local varieties of black soy beans since from 1950 on, owing to a growing incentive in industrialization and the resulting desertion of farming, but in the recent years a trend inversion has caused a return to agricolture and a new attention for local traditional plants, so we do not rely on imported soybeans anymore. Our soy bean are Non-GMO.


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If You want to become our worldwide importer or if You want to purchase our soy sauce, please contact us by mail, You are welcome!

Last modified: 22 Jan 2022
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