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Virgona’s Farm is part of a long oenological tradition and contributes to the enhancement of Salina’s wine production, considering the economic, social, historical and cultural importance that this sector ever has in the island. The careful and passionate family-run management follows the wine-making in all its phases, clearly offering the certainty of a correct transformation, in order to obtain a high quality product with an absolutely genuine and natural taste.

The vineyards are situated in a splendid, fertile hilly area of Malfa; the wine cellar, as years go, it has necessarily transformed to conform itself to the more modern technologies, but maintaining unchanged the strong personality of wines.

The Virgona’s Farm produces two lines of wines with Geographical Typical Indication: the Salina Red and the Salina White, but it is renowned, too, for the production of a wine made from dried grapes – the Passito DOC Malvasia delle Lipari – and it completes its range with the Grappa di Malvasia delle Lipari.

In addition to wine, capers and cucunci are typical products of island agricoltural civilization: fruits of a land rich in flavours and fragrance that we produce, helping to spread its local culinary culture.


Phone:+39 0909844430


Via Bandiera 2
98050 Malfa (Me)
salina caper

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