A simple and smart idea: a soft, resistant and flexible mesh that wraps and protects the bottle.

Vinstrip is a quality decorative element, a simple and natural Italian production, a solution that enriches and creates aesthetic value to pack a gift or simply to transport. The resistance of the chosen materials and the functionality of Vinstrip are well suited to multiple uses.

We use completely recyclable, biocompatible and Veganok certified materials. We respect the environment using raw materials, that are selected and matched following the characteristics of the finished products. Environmental certifications and eco-sustainability are at the heart of our choices and our philosophy.

Every phase of the production process takes place in Italy. We guard the artisan execution techniques that operate in respect of tradition and conservation of the resources used, telling the story and genius through the eyes of our designer.

Vinstrip offers several opportunities for customization: from the various color combinations to the screen printing with its own logo.




Via Giovanni XXIII
37039 Tregnago (VR)

We offer unique, handcrafted products that become “sensorial” experiences.

Spending time together with family and friends in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere is the philosophy of Vinstrip. The new creations come to give a soul that transforms the art of the table into a real lifestyle.

The accessories we propose are able to embellish your spaces in an elegant and harmonious way, creating a warm and even more intimate atmosphere, ready to welcome and pamper your guests during moments of serene and pleasant conviviality.

Products from
Vinstrip - Made In Italy Cavaliere Interni

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Vinstrip was born from a true conviction: to marry profit and pleasure, tradition and avant-garde, mastery and freedom. Each product is the sum of traditional know-how and unprecedented artistic freedom. By infusing varied colours and patterns in its creations, Vinstrip creates numerous sources of inspiration and emotion.

Passion for design and challenges, for wine culture and table art:  here is the common thread that unites the protagonists of this extraordinary story, born almost for fun and now a promising reality thanks to the intuition of far-sighted minds in their visions, with a strong sensitivity for design and innovation.


Last modified: 29 May 2022
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