In the the medieval village of Altomonte, nestled between the Pollino and the Ionian Sea, winds and seas produce a very special microclimate that gives the products of the land a unique and unmistakable flavor. Right in this uncontaminated landscape Vincenzo Barbieri Farm was born, to offer You a gastronomic excellence: here the traditional good Calabrian cuisine finds a balance of aromas and flavors.

There are many products to choose from:

  • preserves in extra virgin olive oil such as peppers stuffed with tuna and organic wild artichokes from Sila
  • spices and aromas, first of all the hot pepper, king of Calabrian gastronomy
  • flavoured creams to go with cheese, also excellent for bruschetta, or to enrich a risotto or pasta
  • jams
  • legumes
  • typical local products such as figs and zafarani bran

Vincenzo Barbieri Farm is certified organic and brings on Your table zero kilometer products, rich in identity. The farm follows a philosophy of consumption in full respect of the ecosystem and well-being, giving You the opportunity to buy genuine products and first choice.

All our products are made with genuine and natural ingredients, following the ancient rural tradition of our ancestors. The recipes of our products are in fact those not written, but handed down, which come from the villages of the countryside. Ancient flavors that come from the peasant tradition, but that today, more than ever, become current thanks to the Mediterranean diet.




Via Italo Barbieri, 30
87042 Altomonte (CS)

Last modified: 24 May 2022
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