Villa Papiano, the vineyards above the clouds: we are at Modigliana, on the Tuscan-Emilian Apenines, where we take care of 10 hectars of vineyards.
Height, light, soil, depth. Green, sunbeams, traces of an ancient sea and footprints of millennial soils. Living organisms, mother rock and mother nature, earth, life. Agriculture, viticulture, care. It’s a spontaneous and wild oasis.

Our wines
Our first harvest was in 2001. And over the years we have come to know our territory profoundly, its nuances and idiosyncrasies. Our taste and style was constructed piece by piece under instruction of these lands and by the explorations of our hands, giving merit to the vineyards we cultivate. Our wines speak of light, resonating in an aromatic array in which salinity becomes the backbone, and the substance of the grape, rather than wood, gives the delicate structure.

A border story
Near the National Park of the Casentino Forests, Villa Papiano is elevated between Romagna and Tuscany and wedged between province and city. Here, severe and ideal elements arise as protagonists: the Apennine border, poor soils of marl and sandstone, the sedimentary rock formation Marnosa-Arenacea and the deep forest.

Who we are
Four siblings working in a symbiotic relationship, that changes coulour like the twist of a kaleidoscope. Francesco follows the company in terms of winemaking, style and production. Maria Rosa is in charge of commercial relations, Giampaolo of management and Enrica of the administration. Together we shake the dice and fantasize about the future.

Artisanal and organic methods
We have been farming organically since 2000, and we have been officially certified organic since 2009. Being artisan winegrowers at Villa Papiano means for us: ceaselessly observing; paying attention to every detail; learning from experience; living in symbiosis with our environment; absorbing what has been handed down to us by those who preceded us; being aware that every growing year is different; doing our own work without being unfaithful to nature.



Phone:+39 338 1041271


Via Ibola, 24
47015 Modigliana (FC)
  • Papesse – dedicated to the forest: DOC Romagna Sangiovese Modigliana. Sangiovese of the mountains: bright, floral and nuanced.
  • Probi – on the ridge between heaven and earth: DOC Romagna Sangiovese Modigliana Riserva. Complex and varied, from violets and blackberries, to pomegranate, redcurrants and forest floor.
  • Papiano – forest floor and candied salt: IGT Centesimino. Cherry notes meet the candied fruits of Centesimino.
  • Terra – like sand shaped by the wind: IGT, from grapes of Albana. Inviting and fresh, with fleshy stone fruits.
  • Strada Corniolo – a wine fixated on the sea:  IGT Trebbiano.  Marine, saline and nuanced, with hints of forest undergrowth.
  • Tregenda Vermouth – a fantasy of the Mediterranean Sea: White Vermouth. The story of the journey in the Mediterranean: from the lavender of Provence to the resins of Aleppo, admiring the citrus groves of Calabria.
  • Terra! Bitter – dew on the Appennines: White Bitter.  Alcoholic infusion of spices and herbs, on our wine Terra! A trip in the Apennines, smelling helichrysum, hawthorn and juniper, imagining Kashmire

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With this photos, we wish to invite you to join us in our journey in which the Appennine, the woods, the vines, the light, the traces of an ancient sea and a millenary soil will make us dream.

At our place man observes, thinks about viticulture and imagines a world integrated with Nature.

Villa Papiano is an oasis, untouched and wild, to dream about the future.

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