The farm Pongelli owned by Villa Bucci dates back to 1700 and has about 350 hectares of annual crops in rotation, vineyards and olive groves.

Since 1997 the whole farm is in cultivation with low environmental and sustainable impact. We always use the annual renewal of crops.

Since 1999 wines and oil are BIO certified.

Since 2019 we have been carrying on the first Italian organic sugar beet experiment (for the only Italian producer COPROB).

An entire farm complex has been used as a Museum of Agriculture: we have collected agricultural tools of our past, recreating some typical environments of the farmers’ houses of the past.

We participate in the ARCA project: Agriculture for the Controlled Regeneration of the Environment to naturally restore the land to the ancient vitality and fertility that has disappeared with the use of chemical synthesis products. A circular micro system of reuse seen as a function of the perpetuation of soil fertility.

We have always been in the forefront – in person and through articles, complaints and initiatives – in all the battles for the development of sustainable Italian agriculture in favor of small and medium farmers, a pillar of our tradition and the basis of the strength of the Granary of Europe.

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Via Cona, 30
60010 Ostra Vetere (AN)