The Vigneto Due Santi farm was founded in the early 1960s when the construction of the cellar was completed.

After the acquisition of the first campaign, the company continued to expand by gradually making its most vocational areas its own, and today it covers an area of ​​almost 35 hectares. Of these 22 are occupied by the company’s vineyards, which are bordered to the north by a strip of olive groves which occupies a total area of ​​6 hectares.

The rest of the estate is made up of woods that frame the company’s territory in a landscape of great beauty. From the forecourt of the cellar you can glimpse the city center and yet, surrounded and protected by the vineyards and olive groves of the estate, visitors can breathe the air of the countryside.


Phone:+39 0424502074



The winecellar is designed to facilitate and optimize all winemaking operations, from the processing of the grapes to the aging and refinement of the wine, and therefore the organization of the spaces according to the workflow is very accurate. Finally, a small but welcoming tasting area allows you to deepen your knowledge of the company’s products.

Last modified: 03 Dec 2021
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