The “Wine and Taste Routes of Ukraine”, a network promoted and developed by the EU funded project “Support the development of a Geographical Indication System in Ukraine”, is a system of eno-gastronomic itineraries aimed at preserving and popularizing the heritage from the western to the eastern part of the Country.

The system includes and coordinates traditional food producers, tourism destinations, communities, recreation centers, hotels, restaurants, as well as authentic traditional houses and custodians of traditions that provide eno-gastronomic tourism services.


  • ensure the preservation of the historical, cultural, ethnographic, and eno-gastronomic environment
  • support local producers
  • promote sustainable development
  • implement European quality standards for traditional products


The Wine and Taste Route of Ukrainian Bessarabia

An incredible melt of different ethnicities that live side by side in the Odesa region and forms a unique culture. In this melting pot of cultures and traditions, you can find the best organic sheep cheese as well as the typical Kavarma, a stewed meat delicacy.

Not only the delicious food will impress you, this land is re-known as the oldest and the biggest Ukrainian wine region where you can also find some pre-phylloxera vineyards of the autochthonous Telti-Kuruk variety. Geographical Indications for wine are in the process of registration by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine: Yalpug, Shabskiy, Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy.

Here is the map of the route

Contact:; +380 (67) 482 35 58


The Wine and taste Route of Zakarpattya

Distinctive attractions and excursions as well as a rich traditional cuisine and craft products like Shovdar (row meat smoked), Lekvar (prune butter), buffalo milk dairy products.  This region is famous for its wines, such as Troyanda Karpat, wines like Irshai Oliver and Cserszegi fűszeres made by the leader of the Rote “Chizay” winery took gold medals in European wine competitions.

Look at the map of the route:

Contact:; +380 (50) 411 37 85


Phone:+380 (50) 411 37 85 (Zakarpatye); +380 (67) 482 35 58 (Bessarabia)