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When Mlesna story began in 1983, the majority of Sri Lankan tea exporter were just shipping bulk tea to big companies who packed and market it abroad.

Mr Anselm Perera had been working for these companies but he moved out with an ambition: bring out a value – added product, not to merely export the commodity. So, he gathered a young team of tea experts with a passion for quality to create a new brand of superior tea, entirely processed inside the island to keep in the country jobs, skills and value and to control and grant the quality of the final product. Mlesna was born, and today after more than 30 years, it still offers to the world the original taste of Pure Ceylon Tea, in a wide range of products and packaging, all certified by the Lion Logo, because the point is always the same: “Never compromising on quality!”

Since 2007 Mlesna is imported and distributed in Europe by Vicentini 1920, a family company that share the same passion for quality, respect for work and that literally falled in love with the original taste of Ceylon Tea.


Phone:+39 0445.361151


Via Marco Corner, 7
36016 Thiene (VI)

The Lion logo
The original Ceylon Tea is certified by the Lion logo which means the tea is 100% produced and packed in Sri Lanka according to the Sri Lanka Tea Board Quality standards. In Sri Lanka it’s forbidden to import tea which could be grown on the island, in this way a tea which is produced and packed in Sri Lanka cannot be mixed with foreign teas to reduce the price. MLESNA teas denomination of origin is guaranteed by the Lion logo printed on all the Ceylon tea boxes.

Natural growing
In Sri Lanka use of DDT is prohibited, instead traditional growing methods with no use of weed killers or chemical fertilizer are promoted. All tea growers follow the standards set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network and the Rainforest Alliance to support sustainable growing methods in order to protect the delicate Rainforest ecosystem. Ceylon tea is the world’s only 100% ozone-friendly tea, because no emission or damaging elements are produced in the whole process.

Hand plucking
In Sri Lanka tea is hand plucked according to tradition, everyday early morning the skilled pluckers climb the hills to pluck the young leaves, they don’t have to break them to avoid untimely oxidation. This is the best way to select two leaves and a bud, the right part to make the famous Orange Pekoe tea.

Traditional manifacturing
In Sri Lanka manufacturing follow the orthodox method which has 5 steps (withering, rolling, fermentation, firing and grading) and takes up to 48 hour. On the contrary, tea produced by CTC authomatic machines, which accelerate the process but reduce the quality, are out of the Sri Lanka Tea Board standards.

Mlesna experience
Since more than 30 years, thanks to its experienced Tea Tasters, Mlesna selects the best Ceylon Tea productions to create its own exclusive blends: from the classical English Breakfast to the excellent single-origin teas from the 6 island’s growing regions, going through more than 30 different flavoured teas made only with natural essences of fruits, flowers and spices. Love for details is expressed also in original and elegant packaging solutions, in a wide range of gift ideas and in its famous luxury tea bags, created to preserve better the original taste of Ceylon Tea from plantation to cup.

Last modified: 29 May 2022
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