Slow Food Presidium

We are a cooperative, founded by a female majority, that has been dealing with the production of extra virgin olive oil for generations. We are located in the Gargano National Park, more precisely in Carpino, a town belonging to the National Association of the City of Oil.

A skilled group of agronomists help us in the care of our plants, allowing us to obtain an always excellent product.Thanks to the type of extraction process implemented – a continuous cycle – it is possible to obtain a product with excellent quality, without altering its composition and final sensory characteristics. Furthermore, the oil has strong antioxidant properties that derive from its high content of polyphenols.

The experience accumulated over time and handed down from father to son constitutes a valid guarantee for the consumer, who is offered high quality products and low prices.


Phone:+39 328 255 7977


Contrada Coppa, snc
71010 CARPINO (FG)
italian extra virgin olive oil

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