Few people know the Montonico grape, but its history is ancient and important, the first sources date back to the 1600.

Until the sixties the Montonico grape was widely spread in Abruzzo, but from that date on its cultivation area has been increasingly shrinking. Today it remains present mainly in the area of ​​Bisenti and Cermignano where, even in the past, it had the greatest extension of cultivation. It has adapted well over the centuries to the area close to the Gran Sasso, growing at an altitude that can even exceed 500 meters above sea level.

Traditionally it was eaten fresh or passita and turned into wine, Spumante, Mosto Cotto, Vino Cotto, Passito, vinegar and was even used in the local confectionery gastronomy. It has in fact represented for centuries an important source of sustenance and income for the population of this marginal area located under the slopes of the Gran Sasso Mountain.

Francesca (Azienda Agricola Francesca Valente) and Matteo (Azienda Agricola Matteo Ciccone) have embarked on a journey to recover and safeguard this ancient native grape variety.

The exaltation and continuous search for quality are the foundations on which their project rests, respecting and protecting the surrounding environment.


Contrada Chioviano Primo
64033 Bisenti (TE)
montonico grape

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