Turco Floriano

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In a fairytale context – among larch woods, rodoreti and alpine prairies – embraced by mountains of over 3000 meters as the Pelvo, the Marchisa and the Chersogno, in the small village of Elva in the province of Cuneo on the border between Italy and France, You can find the nomadic Organic beekeeping of High Mountain Floriano.

Mine is an extreme beekeeping reality: in a stone hut, with a honey extraction laboratory at 2150 m a.s.l., without electric light and without heating, I work the honeys in cold to preserve the unique flavors and fragrances that Mother Nature gives us. I’m specialized in extreme honeys of High Mountain Slow Food Presidium such as Rhododendron Millefiori di Elva, Thyme serpillo and Fir tree honeydew. Through nomadism I also produce honey of Dandelion, Cherry, Acacia, Chestnut, Lime, Forest Honeydew, Ailanthus and Lavender.

The company can be visited during the weekends of June, July, August and September: You will have the opportunity to see the honey extraction, hear the story of the bees, how the spark that made Floriano fall in love with the bees. Then, a magnificent walk in the larch wood will bring You the prairies where the Beehives are situated, in front of breathtaking sceneries like Fremo cuncunà rock and the Elva basin. If You want, You can also visit the parish church of Elva with frescoes by Hans Clemer and the characteristic ethnographic museum of the “Caviè”. It will be an unforgettable day!

Back to the hut, You’ll have the chance to buy not only the honeys and the mountain pollen but also the line of stone-ground wholemeal flours that Floriano cultivates directly on the land where the nomadic apiaries lead to: rye, Khorassan, ancient grains, Verna, buckwheat and polenta corn, all of them grown in a primordial way without weeding, chemical fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and tanning agents, just as Nature creates, and finally we have also dried red beans and borlotti.


To book company visits or order my products… which can also be shipped…

tel. 338.2030388

e-mail florianoapibio@yahoo.it


Phone:338 2030388


Borgata San Giovanni s.n.
12020 Elva (CN)
alpine high mountain honeys

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Last modified: 25 Jan 2022
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