Picture an endless expanse of olive groves, the trees framing a picturesque village in western Liguria.
These are the sun-kissed, undisputed masters in the Gazzelli area; the majestic trees reach out towards the sky, defying the laws of physics, and leave unsuspecting visitors speechless at the intertwining beauty and hard-work of man and nature.
It is this awe-inspiring beauty that finally drew two young entrepreneurs back home, to launch an enterprise that included the colors, aromas and tenacity of their land.

It all began in 1905, when Belmonte Giobatta and Paolina Roggero fell in love under the olive trees in the village of Gazzelli, where they then settled and began to cultivate olives. Today, after three generations of olive oil producers, the story now turns to Antonio, Belmonte’s great-grandson.

After meeting her wife Ester in 2006, they founded Terre Taggiasche, merging their respective family farms, and taking up the family trade to produce a range of products with a modern style while keeping traditional flavors.

Terre Taggiasche covers 20 hectares, of which 15 are dedicated to the organic cultivation of the local Taggiasca olive.

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The Terre Taggiasche farm cultivates, transforms and packages everything on the farm with organic method.

From its mountain olive groves it obtains organic extra virgin olive oil still extracted with the ancient method, stone and press.
The most beautiful and large olives are calibrated and put in brine with water and salt. After the deamarization period they are packaged, in brine or pitted in extra virgin oil or you can get the Taggiasca olive tapenade.

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil from Taggiasca cultivar

Our oil is produced from Taggiasca olives, a typical cultivar of the western Ligurian Riviera, which is characterized by small size and dark green color. These olives grow on centuries-old trees planted by monks and cultivated on terraces overlooking the sea.
The fundamental elements of an extra virgin olive oil are an intense color and a pleasant flavor. The extra virgin olive oil from Taggiasca olives is distinguished by its “sweet and fruity aroma, a soft and delicate taste with a beautiful bouquet”. Undoubtedly one of the best national oils since its taste is the most delicate and this makes it the ideal complement to all gastronomic recipes.

  • Organic Taggiasca olive in brine,

Taggiasca olive is a typical variety of western Liguria and, in particular, of the province of Imperia, where the trees find the perfect union of climate, water and earth, growing strong and healthy, producing wonderful fruits that we finally keep on brine through our exclusive recipe.
The color ranging from intense green the lively violet, the small size, the sweet and delicate flavor make Terre Taggiasche olives in brine a unique and unmistakable product. The Taggiasca olive is perfect on any dish.

  • Pitted organic Taggiasca olives

They are appetizing, soft and crunchy, with a characteristic sweet and sweet flavor. After being hand-picked and selected, they are put in brine according to the ancient traditional recipe of Terre Taggiasche. Once ready they are pitted and covered with Terre Taggiasche Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Organic Taggiasca olive tapenade

A cream with an intense and typical flavor of the Taggiasca cultivar olives, made with natural and genuine ingredients, without the use of dyes or additives, and enriched with Terre Taggiasche extra virgin olive oil.
The tapenade of Taggiasca olives is ideal on croutons and to prepare delicious recipes.

  • Dried organic tomatoes in oil

We use an excellent organic tomato, harvested manually and strictly dried in the sun, without the addition of any chemical agent. They are then worked by hand, checked one by one to ensure that the drying process has been optimal and stored in extra virgin olive oil.
This is the only way to get the best tomatoes to the consumer. In fact they have matured in the right time and have kept all the nutritional and organoleptic properties. Tomato, the main ingredient of Italian cuisine, can be found on the table all year round.
Excellent natural as a side dish for meats or cheeses, to enrich salads, to dress pasta or simply as an appetizer on bruschetta.

Olives in brine, sun dried tomatoes, Taggiasca pitted olives and the Gazzelli village

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