• Preserving the tradition and the memory of the past
  • safeguarding the territory, while respecting the rhythms and times of the Nature

and simultaneously looking at the future

  • by crossing the modern territories of communication
  • introducing technological innovations wherever possible, without prejudice to the authenticity of extra-virgin olive oil, to its pleasant organoleptic characteristics and healthy properties

All of these points are the bases of our work.

Producing a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil requires a great passion, an absolute dedication, and a constant attention, addressed to each individual production step: from the cultivation of the olive trees (which are carefully followed up, especially during the delicate blossoming, blooming, and fruit-setting phases) up to harvesting (made at the right time), from storage and transportation up to oil extraction (within 24h from olives harvest) and bottling.

Maximum attention to product quality, specific use of sustainable packaging, careful search for solutions to customer needs, are fundamental factors for us. Factors thanks to which our extra virgin olive oil is also highly appreciated abroad, as well as other food specialties strictly Made in Italy, which enrich our catalog.


Phone:+ 39 345 4069720


Località Montemelino
06063 Magione (PG)

Products from
Terre di Grifonetto

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Our extra virgin oils in three different intensity variants:

  • Monocultivar of Dolce Agogia, the most delicate one
  • Organic, the intermediate one
  • Blend, the most intense one

They are available in different sizes and types of packaging: clear (500ml) or dark (250ml, 500ml, 750ml) glass bottles, cans (100ml, 250ml), bag in tube (3L). The caps are all anti-bump.

We also use our most delicate oil to produce condiments, chocolates and Panettone:

  • Condiments based on extra virgin olive oil and Basil, Lemon, Chilli or Garlic, available in 250ml cans.
  • Dark pralines with a chocolate cream and extra virgin olive oil inside. Gift box 100gr.
  • Extra virgin olive oil Panettone with mother yeast, zibibbo grapes and selected candied fruit.


Last modified: 21 Jan 2022
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