The farm lays on the terraced hills just among the medieval villages of Buggiano Castello and Colle di Buggiano, in the north of Tuscany; it’s managed by our family who lives in these lands and is dedicated with love and commitment to farming for more than twenty years.

The main products are the Extra Virgin olive oil obtained from our hand-picked olives then cold-pressed within 12 hours, the honey made by our bees naturally bred in their normal biological cycle and the Slow Food Presidium – Sorana Beans PGI (Geographically Protected Indication) cultivated in a small area on the Pescia riverbed side.

We also grow a small production of fruits and vegetables (even unusual as Jerusalem artichoke, hokkaido pumpkin and swede).

Everything is grown according to season, following the organic farming rules, so today the farm embarks on the path to certification.


Phone:+39 3331616795


Via Falciano, 27
51011 Buggiano (PT)
sorana bean

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Fagiolo di Sorana is an Italian food excellence, a Slow Food Presidio. It is grown on the banks of Pescia river in the small area of ​​Sorana protected by the European PGI mark, a guarantee of quality and origin of the bean.

We grow this precious little legume, delicate and with an unmistakable flavor, in a small plot on the river gravel grove and, together with a few other producers, we are committed to protecting its cultivation and production, including manual harvesting and selection phases, continuing a tradition of family dating back to the times of our ancestors.

Terre di Còcomo is a producer member of the Il Ghiareto Association, founded in 1999 for the enhancement of the bean and its protection.

Last modified: 25 Jan 2022
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