In an area rich in history and traditions such as Alta Terra di Lavoro (former name of lower Ciociaria, Lazio region, south-east of Rome), in 2012 was born the Terra di Lavoro beer, a beer that has set itself a challenge but also a mission: to give emotions from the first sip.
In this place suspended between tradition and innovation, agricultural activities have found fertile ground since time immemorial and, thanks to its strategic position within wide valleys, small and large industries have flourished. In this context Roberto Minicillo’s intuition was born: to build a brewery using the products of the territory.

The challenge is to select local raw materials to obtain clean beers with the best ingredients that the land offers, those that have always been part of our tradition and as imprinted in our DNA, but revisiting them today with modern recipes and styles, in step with the current panorama of craft beers.

If you want to taste the Terra di Lavoro beer, you can sit in the Caveau, an intimate and cozy place, set in a fairytale location in the beautiful medieval village of Caprile. The place, with stone walls and panoramic terrace overlooking the beautiful valley, is the business card to promote the best Terra di Lavoro Beer, combining it with traditional dishes but revisited and refined, with organic ingredients and zero kilometers.




Via Enrico Fermi, 3A
03038 Roccasecca (FR)