In 2004, in Tramonti, the green heart of the Amalfi Coast, the four local vinegrowers Gaetano and Generoso Bove, Vincenzo D’Avino and Luigi Giordano founded Tenuta San Francesco, in order to rivive the long-standing viticultural tradition of the region and their family past.

Eight out of fourteen hectares of the vineyards owned, are covered by over 100 year old and pre-phylloxera vines of the native grape varieties Tintore, Aglianico and Piedirosso for the production of Tramonti Red Reserve wine (4Spine) and pre-phylloxera Tintore (È ISS).
Four hectares and a half, including the Cru vineyard “Vigna dei Preti” (Priests’ Vineyard) are cultivated with Falanghina, Biancazita, Biancatenera, Pepella and Ginestra for the production of Tramonti white wine and Tramonti white Reserve wine (PerEva).
The two hectares left have been recently re-planted to revive the ancient vineyard on about 600 meters above sea-level in Chiunzi (northern area of Tramonti) and in the ancient and magical “Vigna del Campo” (Field Vineyard), adjacent to the antique Conservatorio di Santa Teresa (old convent and school for girls) in Pucara (southern hamlet of Tramonti), in a plot of land that has been abandoned for over 20 years. The latter is the biggest vineyard of the Amalfi Coast.

All the vineyards are  situated on steep sloped terraced lands between 200 and 600 meters above sea-level. Vine training systems used are pergola-trained vines for the old vineyards and guyot for the other ones. The terroir of Tramonti is unique: a clay soil with pomice stones and volcanic ash, the cold north wind Tramontana which blows over the terraces overlooking the Amalfi Coast, the influence of the sea, combined with the altitude and the limestone mountains gave birth to these unbelievable vines. The plants are hundreds of years old, some are more than 300 years, and the trunks are two meters in diameter: they are real giants, a living open-air museum. 

Great attention is paid to the preservation and the protection of the environment, in accordance with the Regional Plans for the reduction of the use of phytochemistry; we use ancient and natural techniques. Our viticulture is (non-certified) organic. We invest to safeguard and promotion of indigenous grape varieties of Ginestra, Biancatenera, Biancazita, Pepella, Piedirosso and  Tintore – who grows only in Tramonti Valley.

Pioneers of food and wine tourism on the Amalfi Coast, our wine-experiences include a guided wine tour with professional staff and wine-tasting; lunch; cooking-class and private visit. Booking is required.


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