Tenuta di Paganico is located in the heart of Maremma in Tuscany, a few a miles away from Grosseto. The farm consists of 1,500 hectares of forests, pastures, olive groves, vineyards and crops.
The environment we’re immersed in is also natural and wildlife-rich. 

At Tenuta di Paganico our main activity and focus is the organic extensive breeding of Maremmana cattle and Cinta senese pigs. Our breeding system allows our animals to live and graze in the forest, as their natural habitat. All the animal feed given to our animals is produced and processed within the farm as we pride of a short supply chain production system.

The dynamics that rule nature’s rhythms and the devotion and passion of our collaborators contribute to a farm economy that is entirely nature-sustained.
We produce and sell fresh meat, salumi (salt-cured meat), preserved meat (ragù), oil, wine and grappa. All of our products, agriculture and breeding system are based on organic production practices.

We offer overnight accommodation as a way to promote and create experiences that enrich our guests with a greater understanding of seasonality and farm production cycles. Furthermore, we offer activities that allow you to get in contact with our territory and its biodiversity. You can book in advance our different tastings, trekking activities, workshops and hands-on activities for children and adults


Phone:+39 334 62 96 798


maremmana cattle

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We aim to be a sustainable farm. Experience and passion enable the bond between animals, people and environment.

A small sample of places, animals and people that you will find at Tenuta di Paganico.


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