We are Stringhetto, the family-run company specializing in the artisan production of fruit-based preparations and chocolate spreads. Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, we have always worked with an obsessive attention to the choice of top-quality raw materials.

  • Tuttafrutta: our fruit-based preparations, available in more than 40 references, stand out for their extremely high percentage of fruit (+ 110%) and for their naturalness: they contain neither added pectin nor sucrose nor preservatives.
  • 12 flavours of chocolate spreads, without palm oil or hydrogenated fats: recipes with authentic flavours, thanks to the use of carefully chosen ingredients – creative products by Stefano Stringhetto.

The infinite passion for the work of artisans, the study and the skills acquired over the years make the Stringhetto’s laboratory a forge of creativity and talent constantly evolving.


Phone:+39 0442 20833


Via Lung'Adige Scrami, 4
37045 Legnago (VR)

We produce 42 types of fruit spreads with no pectin, no preservatives, no sucrose. For our fruit spreads we use only two ingredients: fruit and fructose.

For the production of our 14 types of chocolate spreads we use raw materials of high quality. We do  not use preservatives, artificial aromas or palm oil.

Finally we are specialized also in the production of cremini, truffles available in different flavors.




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Stringhetto Fabrizio S.r.l.

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