Orobiche Valleys Traditional Stracchino

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The name Stracchino seems to have come from the dialect word stracch (tired), and refers to the cheese that used to be made during stops along the transhumance routes, using small amounts of whole milk drawn from the cows who were exhausted from the journey. It had to be prepared quickly, without heating the milk and without much time for curdling and draining.

The Stracchino made in the Taleggio Valley was particularly famous, and from the early years of the 20th century, all the cheeses of this type began to be called Taleggio. Now that Taleggio has become an industrial cheese, it is necessary to use the old term Stracchino to identify the authentic, artisanal, mountain product.

True Orobiche valleys Stracchino is still being made in the traditional way in the Brembana Valley and the Serina, Taleggio and Imagna side valleys. The Presidium unites the small-scale farmers and cheesemakers who are determined to preserve this little-known tradition.

In these valleys, the farmers are the true guardians of the environment, tending pastures rich in extraordinary grasses and herbs and helping to preserve this extraordinary landscape. Cheesemaking also offers an alternative to work in the towns and cities on the valley floor, helping prevent the depopulation of the mountains.

Production area
Brembana, Serina, Taleggio and Imagna valleys, Bergamo Province

Produced year-round


Rosa Carminati e Osvaldo Locatelli, Corna Imagna (Bg), Via Marche 18, Tel. +39 348 5646570, orietta.locatelli@alice.it

Michele Galizzi, San Giovanni Bianco (Bg), Località Prademanzi 1, Tel. +39 338 9240343

Guglielmo Locatelli, Vedeseta (Bg), Frazione Reggetto 5, Tel. +39 0345 47166

Sebastiano Monaci e F.lli, Branzi (Bg), Località Gardata, Tel. +39 0345 71190, info@monaciformaggitipici.it

Matteo Pesenti, Camerata Cornello (Bg), Via Tassi 1, Tel. +39 349 8730008, matteopsnt90@gmail.com

Pasquina Rota, Brumano (Bg), Località Resegone 7, Tel. +39 035 868522

Ivan Trionfini, Dossena (Bg), Località Lavaggio, Tel. +39 339 7297693, mary.cavagna@live.it

Latteria sociale cooperativa Valtorta, Valtorta (Bg), Via Roma, 10, Tel. +39 0345 87770, latteriavaltorta@gmail.com

Prati Parini di Marco e Lorenzo Fustinoni, Sedrina Cacosio (Bg), Via Cassettone 1, Tel. +39 368 578546


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