The historic nucleus of Historic Rebel cheese production is in the valleys of the Bitto River, the Gerola and the Albaredo, In Sondrio Province.

The cheesemakers who work in the mountain dairies, located at altitudes between 1,400 and 2,000 meters, have preserved traditional practices that exalt the quality of the cheese and play a fundamental role in preserving the Alpine environment and biodiversity.

The pasture is “turned,” as the herd of cows is led in stages from the lowest station to the highest. The milk is often processed directly in the meadows, in calécc, ancient stone constructions that dot the mountain slopes. Orobica goats are also taken up for summer pasturing and Historic Rebel cheese is made with 10 to 20% goat’s milk, which confers an aromaticity and persistence.


Phone:+39 0342 690081


Via Nazionale, 31
23010 Gerola Alta (SO)

The Presidium was founded to promote cheeses produced in mountain dairies within the historic area. The cheesemakers have joined in a consortium, and they age and market the cheeses collectively. They follow strict rules, using no fodder, silage or dietary supplements and no starters during the cheesemaking process. Aged Historic Rebel cheese is a truly extraordinary cheese, and after six or seven years of aging, sometimes even more, it becomes a rare delight, to be savored on its own.

Production area
Albaredo and Gerola valleys and neighboring Alpine meadows, Sondrio Province

Produced during the summer months only; minimum aging specified in the Presidium protocol is 12 months, which may be extended for as long as 10 years for some exceptional cheese.


Producers are joined in the Consorzio Salvaguardia Bitto – Storico Ribelle, Gerola Alta (So), Via Nazionale 31, Tel. +39 0342 690081 / +39 334 3325366,,

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