Our family has been producing egg pasta since 1933. That is, when Nello Spinosi began to introduce the prince product of Campofilone, an airy village in the Marche region: those fine maccheroncini “fini fini” which, already in the 15th century, the local vergare (our kitchen women) prepared in periods of abundance of eggs by cutting the pasta into very thin threads and drying them. The passing of the baton to his son Vincenzo, has contributed to launch the Marche pasta in the world together with an infinity of other products, first of all the famous Spinosini.

As then, our family has never stopped using high quality raw materials: whole 100% Italian fresh eggs from hens raised in the open air extensively and with organic feed; even today we still break every egg by hand!
We select the best hard grains and carefully control all stages of processing. Because it is only thanks to this care that we can offer a pasta with an ideal consistency, which keeps the best cooking and guarantees excellent results in all types of preparation.

The cuts are unique, carefully cared for in detail and dedicated to those who love to create refined and original dishes.
The Spinosi creations make truly exclusive the recipes of every day.


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