Paysage à Manger is a farm born for fun in 2014 in the Gressoney Valley, Valle d’Aosta Region, with a passion for the land, the mountains and good food. Since 2016 Federico Rial, born and raised in the Walser community, has been part of the team. Since then the agricultural activity has become a job.

We started out with a few hundred metres, recovering small abandoned fields and cultivating them with potatoes, the symbol of the high mountains, and today we cultivate about 1.5 hectares with potatoes, 3500 metres with a vegetable garden. Our fields are very fragmented in a difficult and severe territory, but here we grow 65 varieties of potatoes and about 120 varieties of vegetables without any phytosanitary treatment.

The heart of the farm and its production is today in Gressoney Saint Jean (1385 metres).
The research and cultivation of the ancient Alpine varieties is what characterizes us today and fascinates us the most. We have known and deepened this world thanks to the close relationship with Pro Specie Rara and we have literally fallen in love with the great heritage of flavours, colours and knowledge that those who preceded us have bequeathed to us by carefully and carefully selecting good varieties, suitable for a place and a way of eating and cooking.

Another aspect we care about is the relationship that the rural world had with the seeds and consequently with the food that ended up daily on the tables and sanctified the festivities. Until the middle of the nineteenth century, seeds were passed on to families from generation to generation in wedding trousseaus, protected and exchanged by the communities. Food and seeds therefore had a powerful symbolic value that transcended the value of scarcity.


In an age of consumerist relationships with food and great food waste we like the idea of trying to communicate to those who buy our food the great value of seeds and the work that produces what we eat.



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  • Qui Safier

Cultivated by the Walser of the Safien Valley since the 18th century, it is an ancient alpine variety of potato.
Red peel and white dough, ideal for the preparation of rösti and for frying.

  • Lötschental white

With a spicy aroma, this potato was grown by the Walser of the Lötschental.
Yellow peel, medium size, versatile and with a special taste. Excellent roast, baked and mashed.

  • Swedish blue

Culinary delight cultivated on the northern side of the Alps at up to 1500 m.
Medium-large size and oval shape. Dark purple skin and blue paste. It gives its best simply boiled or fried in chips.

  • Corne de Gatte

Delicious variety. Buttery, it is famous for its hazelnut notes. Narrow and elongated shape, with a thin pink skin and yellow dough gives its best baked with the peel.

  • Cerisa

Beautiful potato with an intense red skin and an excellent flavour.
Red skin and intense yellow paste. Very resistant to cooking, it is delicious boiled with the skin to accompany raclette or baked.


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In our photo gallery, You will se the people, fields, flowers, land and products of our work.

Beauty, care, sharing and goodness are the soul and essence of our daily work.

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