The story of Calemone is strongly linked to that of the territory in which was born: the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto, a paradise of maquis uncontaminated Mediterranean, where alternate secular olive groves, a land dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables and cereals and low vegetation in the coastal strip. The passion for their land, combined with
teachings of the fathers, brings to maturity an idea: to valorize the historical cultivations of its territory.

This is how Calemone was born, a distinctive mark of the extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the monumental olive groves, of the Tomato Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto, from organic farming (Slow Food Presidium) and vegetables conserved in EVO oil.

Behind every product, there is the history, the soul of the company and the territory in which it is born. The company is a short supply chain, each phase, from production to the processing and packaging are carried out on their own, starting from the seed to the finished product. Inside each Calemone product, there is the truest face of Puglia.

It is often said that a territory is known and it is known appreciate first of all at the table. Motto more fitting could not
to be there for Puglia and especially for the territory of Torre Guaceto, a land so wonderful that it can only give delicious fruits to who knows how to appreciate quality and genuineness. This is what it intends to communicate to the
final consumer, spreading a food culture that rewards origin, quality and sustainability of the product, in order to guarantee to the customer a excellent and authentically Apulian product.

Extra virgin olive oil
Between the land of Bari and the ancient land of Otranto, Apulia becomes a forest of olive trees marked by dry-walls, oil mills and ancient farms. In the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto the historic olive groves occupy an area of 260
hectares, representing about one fifth of the entire protected area. The agricultural territory of the Reserve has become the protagonist of a significant project for the production of L’Oro del parco, the our extra virgin olive oil from organic farming from the olive groves of Slow Food Presidium Torre Guaceto.

Tomato Torre Guaceto Juquet – Slow Food Presidium
This little tomato, sweet, juicy and preservable, is part of the gastronomic history of our land: it was the basis for the past that all the families produced at home for the winter. And yet, despite this rooting, the tomato flask was in danger of disappearing. From here the challenge of our company, together with the park authority of Torre Guaceto and Slow Food Alto Salento: to promote the return of tomato cultivation in biological. Then, the first experimental field has been started at only 15 meters of altitude, a few hundred meters from the sea, in the middle of the reserve of Torre Guaceto. The sauce from this Tomato Fiaschetto is now returned on our tables, obtained at the natural from the simple cooking of the cherry tomatoes without the addition of preservatives, as it was in the past.


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