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Quei Mille Farm was born from the dream of two friends, grown up together at Custoza (in province of Verona) and united by a strong passion for farming and by the desire to preserve and enhance the culture of their own territory: their main aim is the return to the cultivation of the Broccoletto di Custoza – Slow Food Presidium, a vegetable with an unmistakable flavor and unique for its characteristic note of sweetness.

The Broccoletto di Custoza, cultivated on the morainic hills of Custoza since a long time immemorial, thanks to the clayey soil called in jargon Crea (which means “it is fruitfil, it creats”), finds an perfect substrate for its own development and maturation. The vegetable sown at the end of June, transplanted after mid-August and harvested starting from December, after the beginning of the first winter frosts (which give the product softness and sweetness) is ready to be tasted.

The company Quei Mille today collects an important agricultural inheritance and, in addition to the sale
of the fresh product, is dedicated to the preservation of the product proposing tasty recipes, to bring the vegetable on your tables all year round.

Broccoletto di Custoza fresh and processed
via Strada Nuova, 49 – 37066 – Custoza, Verona


Phone:Alberto 347 5270942 - Filippo 348 4091762


Località Coronini, 5
custoza broccoletto

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