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Brothers, children and grandchildren: our stories of the local land are stories about the people.
Our work has the reassuring taste of a family, united by love and the pleasure of staying together: each of us can bring  a special value to working community. In fact, it has been since generations that the Visconti family cultivated the sunny Apulian land and harvested its generous fruit.

The company – L’aurora Farm – has over 100 hectares of cultivated land ranging from wheat to tomatoes, from vineyards to olive groves. The olive-covered area is represented by over 30 hectares, with a total that exceeds 5000 plants; among these, about 80%, is represented by centuries-old and multi-secular trees. The vast majority consists of Peranzana cultivar trees, native of the territory, while in smaller numbers there are cultivars such as Coratina, Rotondella, Santa Caterina and Leccino. From here we get the wonderful raw material for our extra virgin olive oils, monocultivar or blend.

It is essential for the Visconti family to follow every single stage of production: in this way the supply chain becomes short and a “family business”: the plant care, the fruit harvest, transport and milling, the storage, the bottling up and the labeling. Everything is taken care of in person. This in order to always guarantee the highest quality standards and to make sure that every work is carried out in accordance with best practice.

This land story comes from right here, from our family, and tells about its passion, fatigue, the vision of the future and the continuous search for excellence.


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italian extra virgin olive oil

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