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What is a Slow Food Presidium? 

A Presidium is a project bringing together farmers, fishers, food artisans cultivating, fishing and processing foods that belong to the local biodiversity – meant as the biodiversity of vegetable varieties, animal breeds, micro-organisms as well as the diversity of knowledge, know-how, culture and traditions. Their goal: to protect and promote local biodiversity, so as to develop more resilient and sustainable local ecosystems, societies and economies.

16 Presidia from 10 European countries involving 400 producers are the best example of how Slow Food promotes agro-biodiversity and agroecological food systems. 

Every time we buy our groceries, we vote: we vote for the food system we want.
By purchasing a Presidia product, you are not only choosing a unique food that will please your taste buds. By purchasing a Presidia product you help

  • reverse biodiversity loss
  • fight climate change
  • support local economies and employment
  • ensure farmers and farm workers get the fair share for the hard work they do


Would you have thought that changing the world could happen one bite at a time?



Last modified: 19 Jan 2022
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