Slow Beans – the Legumes Community – is a sociable and supportive network of legume producers who, met at the SlowBeans event, share their belonging to Slow Food and recognize themselves in a Manifesto of values ​​and intentions.

Slow Beans is a traveling event that allows you to meet and get to know the producers of Presidia and Slow Food Communities of Legume Food from all over Italy (and beyond). Much more than an exhibition-market, the producers testify to sociability, taste, biodiversity, sharing and knowledge “from the earth to the table”, offering tastings of the legumes they cook.

The Slow Beans network works to safeguard legumes and increase their consumption.
Why exactly legumes?

  • Because legumes, neglected in the decades of the economic boom as “poor food”, are now on the contrary recognized as an essential element in a diet that helps to live long and healthy: rich in antioxidants and fiber, free of cholesterol, they help to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Because a diet rich in legumes is good for the environment: it requires little cultivated area, and the little one improves thanks to roots that host in symbiosis of rhizobia capable of transforming nitrogen in the air into fertilizer.


We at Slow Beans defend, maintain and spread the leguminous biodiversity cultivated: we are aware of its intrinsic value, and we want to witness the pleasure of different tastes, linked to the gastronomic cultures that revolve around legumes linked to the territories: we cultivate relationships and knowledge, not simple vegetable proteins ingredients of highly elaborated products far from the original flavors!

The “Fagioladi” (Olympic Games of Beans) are a semi-serious competition between legume-based dishes prepared by their producers. The first edition was organized in 2010 in Tuscany in Capannori by the Lucca Compitese Orti Lucchesi convivium, with success and interest. The format, original and not obvious, testifies to the knowledge and passion of the producers from the land to the table. For us it was the starting point of the journey that saw the event multiply and enrich itself with initiatives, while Slow Beans began to take on its physiognomy, becoming more and more an opportunity for meeting and exchange: a Leguminosa Community.


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