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Our family business was founded in 1999.

Lovers of our land and its traditions, our goals are to revalue the agricultural economy of our country and build a future of hope for our children.

Agriculture has always been the activity of our grandparents and the main economic source of the territory, thanks to the richness and territorial characteristics: mild climate, volcanic soils rich in minerals and pure water.

They cultivated, among many other products, San Marzano tomatoes, mustacciello beans, bitter broccoli, violet artichokes of Castellamare.

Later, with progress and industrial development, more and more people abandoned the countryside to devote themselves to other activities, the farmer was considered ignorant and uncultured and therefore the thirst for emancipation has led to disfigure the genuineness, simplicity, goodness of our agricultural roots.

We are definitely opposed to all this!

In 1999, the Slow Food Sorrentine Peninsula Trust informed us that Carlo Petrini intended to create a Presidium to safeguard the tomato, re-evaluating the gastronomic traditions of the Abatese and Campano area. We saw a glimmer of light in this initiative and launched ourselves into this arduous and difficult undertaking. We went to our elders to find out about it, we recovered seeds and cultivation and processing techniques and today, with so much sacrifice and passion, we are making our dreams come true.

We produce, among other products absolutely typical of our territory, Antichi pomodori di Napoli, pomodorini dei Monti Lattari, Carciofo violetto di Castellammare, fagioli mustacciello, Broccoli amari, Piselli cornetti di Gragnano. We want our products to be accessible to everyone and, tasting them, we want them to recognize their main characteristics: genuineness and goodness, differing greatly from the products on the market today.

The Miracle of San Gennaro Antichi pomodori di Napoli “Slow Food Presidium”.

The cultivation is based on native varieties and ecotypes and is eco-sustainable: we use manual interventions as a priority.

For fertilization and defense we adopt the following cultivation systems

integrated agriculture.

The Miracle of San Gennaro Pomodorini of the Lattari Mountains rigorously cultivated according to tradition, without resorting to

to chemical products. Cultivated in the Lattari Mountains, it is particularly suitable for preserves.

The Miracle of San Gennari Purple Artichoke of Castellammare “Slow Food Presidium”.

Earth Love and Fantasy: Peeled Tomatoes

We transform, strictly according to the techniques handed down to us by our grandparents, tomatoes with a less complicated cultivation than the Ancient tomatoes of Naples and the tomatoes of Gragnano, but with a higher yield. A line, therefore, with the lowest and most accessible costs.


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