The Foundation Duca Roberto Ferretti of Castelferretto was established in 1999 by the will of duke Roberto and Italia Nostra Onlus (literally ‘’Our Italy’’, an Italian not for profit campaigning organisation) to which Carilo Foundation and Municipality of Castelfidardo have joined.

The aims of the Foundation are to protect and disseminate the cultural, environmental and historical heritage in the same territory where the battle of Castelfidardo took place on 18 September 1860 for the unification of Italy. Since 2001 it has been recognized as Centro di Educazione Ambientale regionale C.E.A. (Regional Environmental Education Center) “Selva di Castelfidardo” and since 2010 it has been authorized as a youth gathering center.

The Foundation protects the Marche agricultural landscape and since 2008 it has been growing its own olive trees  producing monovarietal extra virgin olive oil selected in specialized guides. It also produced marinated olives, olive paste and jams using organically-grown raw materials that come from its own land and honey, thanks to the presence of two apiaries: traditional and experimental.

The operating arm of the Foundation is the Selva Società Cooperativa Sociale, formed by former employees who started a social cooperative in order to continue the activities that the Foundation has been doing for years on the territory.

All the activities carried out by the Foundation are aimed at respecting the environment, sustainability and promoting a healthy diet, thus reducing the environmental impact and encouraging the consumption of typical local products. The gains are used by the social cooperative to provide an employment for disadvantaged people, to realize activities and projects in favor of citizenship, schools and finally to protect the naturalistic and cultural heritage.


Phone:+39 071780156


Via della battaglia, 52
60022 Castelfidardo (AN)

Some representative photos of our landscape olive grove, in which every year in summer we organize country dinners based on products Km0 and in October, with families, the demonstration of the olive harvest.

There are also photos of some products, such as the Raggia variety olives, the Leccino variety oil bottles, the honey and the wild blackberries that grow in the rows of our olive grove and that we collect to make a very good handmade jam.

Last modified: 27 Jan 2022
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