The Scaglia farm, now run by the brothers Paolo, Graziano and Mauro, carries on an activity started by their great-grandfather, who as a sharecropper arrived in the current Rivoli farmhouse in 1931.

With the succession of generations and maintaining the philosophy of the past, applied to innovative methods, the company has gradually transformed up to the present day, winning numerous awards and prizes.
In 1993 the farm opened a sales point with attached workshops where farmed meats are slaughtered, processed and sold. Currently there are about: 400 Piedmontese breed cattle, 180 pigs, 5,000 chickens, 600 rabbits and crops of corn, barley, soy and grass, intended for animal feed.

For over 10 years, in fact, the Scaglia company has cut off its dependence from the feed companies producing everything internally, carrying out a crop rotation annually to keep the fields at their best.

The company staff consists of 16 people, including the owners, divided between breeding and processing/sale.

Scaglia farm promotes 100% Piedmontese quality, km0 projects, the use of energy from renewable sources and biodegradable materials.

Macelleria Scaglia is part of the Coalvi Consortium, which protects the Piedmontese breed, is a Campagna Amica Point of Sale and has always been classified as a Master of Taste.


Phone:+39 0119573808


Via Artigianelli, 71/7
10098 Rivoli (TO)