The family-run Farm Sapori Vesuviani is managed with passionate commitment by Pasquale Imperato and is located on the slopes of the volcano, in the Vesuvius National Park. It is a chest of typical local products where the most typical are represented by the Vesuvian Piennolo tomato PDO and the Vesuvian Apricot.

The farm is characterized by a farming system based on fruit and vegetables and is specialized in recovery of typical Vesuvian agricultural products aimed at craft production. We conciliate the ancient rural traditions with the innovation in order to obtain high quality, healthy and genuine products respecting nature.

All that the earth offers according to the seasonality is produced by us, processed and preserved with care and passion to the tables of all who have the pleasure of rediscovering the “flavours of the past”. The quality of the raw materials harvested at the right maturity and preserved naturally and the processing methods ensure the blossom of an excellent product.

Vesuvian Piennolo tomatoes PDO, Vesuvian Apricot, vegetables, jams, fruit in syrup, vegetables pickled in oil, fruit juice, pasta sauces and tomato passata are delicacies produced in our farm, strongly committed in building a short chain from farm to table, from the countryside to the city.

Vesuvian Piennolo tomato PDO is presented in a new packaging designed and patented by Pasquale Imperato, ranked first in Campania and national finalist in the Oscar Green Competition 2011.


Phone:+39 335 310786


Strada Provinciale Pugliano, 16
80055 Portici (NA)

The legend tells that Lucifer formed the Gulf of Naples stealing a piece of paradise. The tears that Jesus, saddened for the theft, poured onto the volcano graced the earth. Thus the fertility of the soil makes the Vesuvian a perfect production area for fruits and vegetable since the most remote antiquity.

Earth, air and water give here an incomparable taste to agricultural products. Heart of the Campania Region, the Vesuvius National Park is an area at absolute agricultural vocation and offers one of the widest range of “typical products” in Italy. At the root of so much wealth there is a lucky combination of ideal soil and climate conditions: first the nature of the soil, dry soil, hilly but mostly volcanic and, so rich in natural minerals including calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, and especially potassium. To complete this miracle of nature there are a mild and sunny climate, beneficially influenced by the breezes of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Close to the most beautiful gulf in the world lies the fertile countryside of the peninsula, the Campania Felix that was the garden and the vineyard of Imperial Rome. Sapori Vesuviani Farm is exactly situated in this luxuriant area, bordered on the west by the extraordinary volcanic landscape of Campi Flegrei, on the east by the flowery terraces of the Sorrento Peninsula, the most fertile area of Vesuvius.

Last modified: 24 Jan 2022
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