The story of Sapori Eoliani is deeply rooted in that of the island of Salina. It is a story of land, hard work and tradition. The respect for the land and for the products of the so-called “Green Island” are the essential values which guide the De Lorenzo family since ever, growing capers and caper berries, the real typical Aeolian flavors.

It was Giuseppe De Lorenzo’s strong connection with Salina and his foresight which have created a new opportunity for the island. Thanks to him, capers start being promoted as an authentic product of Salina, becoming very quickly a symbol of this and the other Aeolian Islands.

Sapori Eoliani is seated in Pollara, which, embraced and protected by the Natural Reserve of the Mounts Felci and Porri and overlooking the sea, is a real treasure chest of Aeolian fragrances and aromas. Our capers and caper berries are a Slow Food Presidium. The reproduction method by plant striking (typical of the island and hard to find elsewhere in the world) and the extraordinary properties of the Nocellaro variety, are the reasons why Salina’s caper is unique; beautifully round, plump and crisp.

The third generation of this family-run business was Roberto Rossello. While keeping the processes handcrafted, he placed innovation and research as a core of Sapori Eoliani’s activity: the starting point is the land and the produce, in order to reach a product that excels in quality.



Phone:+39 339 8176716


Via Leni, 20
98050 Malfa (Me)
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Last modified: 29 May 2022
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