The tradition of Salumificio Rossi, as producers of typical cured pork meat products, can be traced back to the 1800’s, when the products were made in the back room of a small country shop. Nowadays it is specialized in the typical cured meats, leveraging on the long enduring experience.

We are the only producer of Culaccia®, that is an exclusive and registered trade mark. Culaccia® is culatello with its rind. Salumificio Rossi has traditionally been its exclusive inventor and producer and has been the first to launch it on the market, with the creation of the brand name. It does not contain preservatives or other additives, just salt and pepper in a secret recipe.

Culaccia® today is the typical product of Fontanellato (PR) where the climatic features are very important for the tasting and smell of the product.


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Via Emilia 129 - 43012 Sanguinaro di Fontanellato