The company and our commitments
Salumificio Marchisio is an Italian, family-run company, founded in 1958 in the heart of a land rich of culinary tradition: Cuneo region in Piedmont in the north-west of Italy. Our land extends from Alpi Marittime mountains to Langa hills and we try to take the best from what it offers: particular climate conditions, traditional recipes, local ingredients and raw materials…

The primal goal has remained the same over years: to offer to our customers a quality product made with local ingredients, keeping alive traditional recipes and the typical care of artisanal manufacturing.

Attention to consumers’ needs is of great importance to us. Every day, we do our best to offer high quality products, made with care and passion, using natural ingredients and following traditional recipes to bring on our consumers’ tables healthy and safe food.

Ingredients and productions
The basic ingredient for our productions is pork meat and to obtain a good final product it is indispensable to use an excellent first material. For Marchisio productions, we choose pigs born and bred in Italy, from a controlled supply chain that guarantees animals’ origins and condition of growth. In this way, meat develops a natural richness in taste and the right balance between lean and fat part.

We want everyone to taste and enjoy our cured meat and cold cuts. For this reason, the entire Marchisio production is gluten free and lactose free, safe and suitable for children diet too.

Among our most loved products, there is our raw salami line where you can find the Classic Marchisio Salami, the exquisite Salami with Black Truffle pieces, the one with Barolo wine and a rich offer of other specialty salami: garlic, fennel, chili pepper, walnuts, venison, wild boar and donkey meat. Raw and cooked hams, Parma ham, lard, rolled bacon, cooked salami and steam cooked loin.


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