Slow Food Presidium

Since 1950 in Timau – Tischlbong linguistic island of Carnia on the border with Austria, the company Salumi e Sapori di Timau, guided by Flavio and Massimo Mentil, has been cultivating its passion for the production of cold cuts of all kinds following the ancient traditions, which together with skill and experience, are a guarantee of constant quality.

The light salting and the light smoking carried out according to the rules handed down by the Carinthian influence, using beech wood from nearby woods, represent an artisan exclusivity that keeps the taste on sweet nuances.

The pork meat, coming from animals bred in a semi-wild regime and fed exclusively with natural products, is first processed and then seasoned in the fresh mountain air, which gives the products a unique characteristic.

The air in the upper Bût Valley, which is particularly dry, favours the salting operation, together with the frequent thunderstorms followed by glittering sunny days, with a considerable range of humidity. The rapid succession of wet and dry has a further beneficial influence on the meat, since it promotes a slow, penetrating massage in every fiber and cell, facilitating a more homogeneous salting.
In this way it is possible to obtain products with delicious flavors with genuine simplicity.


Phone:+39 0433779008 / +39 3381784395


Via Maria Plozner Mentil, 42
33026 Paluzza Timau (UD)

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