In Castelpoto, in the Sannio area, the inhabitants produce a sausage whose recipe has been handed down orally for centuries only among the families of the village.

The cuts used for the sausage (ham, shoulder and bacon) are minced and kneaded with salt, wild fennel, garlic macerated and paprika bell pepper powder. The latter, harvested not yet fully ripe and then dried in the shade, is toasted in a wood-fired oven fed with oak, olive and elm trees, and then ground. The sausage, stuffed into natural casing, dries and stays in rooms with a fireplace for 20 to 50 days.



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castelpoto red sausage

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The product has a cylindrical shape with a length of about 10-15 cm and a weight of about 80 g. The color is light brick red that becomes darker and darker with the aging exclusively in the air; the smell is intense and has hints of pepper powder; the consistency when cut is soft and not woody; the taste is spicy or sweet depending on the type.

The meat used comes from pigs raised on their own farms according to animal welfare. The feed ration of the farm consists of cereals, legumes and a small part of other seeds, free of pesticides and/or other harmful substances, coming mainly from the farm’s own production. Therefore the animals are never fed with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The main ingredients of the sausage are garlic macerate and pepper powder (variety Paupale). During the summer the peppers are harvested, strung to form necklaces that are left to dry in the air and in the shade. Finally, the peppers are baked for a light roasting that makes them suitable for grinding. The Slow Food Presidium was founded in 2008 and is proud to have collected a very ancient tradition.


Palmerino Di Gioia, Castelpoto (Bn),  contrada Ciesco Romaniello tel. 0824 59260- 349 1966410,

Pierpaolo Maio, Castelpoto (Bn), via Campilongo tel. 347 6198970

Fattoria Muccio, Castelpoto (Bn), Via Antonio Gramsci, 20 tel. 0824 59232 – 328 4079840

Giuseppe Tedino, Castelpoto (Bn), Contrada Carrara Tel. 0824 873301 – 340 3629691




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