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Palazzolo Acreide, a pearl of the Sicilian baroque, is a small town with Greek roots close to Syracuse. Known mostly for its architecture, it also has a long tradition of pork curing.

The tradition dates back to the arrival of the Romans, who usually travelled with pigs and sheep so as to always have meat and milk available. Many small pig farms were started in Sicily after the Romans came to the island, and in Palazzolo, as in other areas, the tradition of curing the pork continued through the centuries.
In Palazzolo, each family would raise one or two black pigs, which would produce enough meat to last them a whole year.

Among the different preparations, the most prized were the sausages, because they could be eaten both fresh (used to flavor dishes or grilled over charcoal) and dried.
Nine cuts go into Palazzolo Acreide sausage
: neck and jowl, lard, collar, loin, shoulder, trotter, underbelly, leg and fat (no more than 25%). The only other ingredients added are Sicilian sea salt, chili pepper, wild fennel from the Iblei Mountains and red wine from the Noto Valley. The meat is cut with a knife to a medium coarseness, mixed by hand and packed into animal casings. Usually Palazzolo sausages are smoked over olive wood in aging rooms.
When cured, Palazzolo sausage has intense scents of wine and wild fennel.



The sausage is produced from September to May and, in this period, you can also find it fresh. The seasoned sausage can be bought all year round.

Palazzolo’s home pork-curing traditions is fading away. Only a few butchers in the town still follow the technique of hand-cutting the meat, and since the 1950s, the number of historic Sicilian black pig farms has also dwindled, due to many young people moving to the cities and the availability of pigs at lower prices from wholesalers.

Now the association for the protection of the traditional Palazzolo Acreide sausage has united a dozen people who represent the entire production chain: farmers, butchers, pork curers and restaurateurs. The Presidium has been started to help the association promote the town’s pork-curing tradition and raise the profile of the local area’s agricultural history.

Production area
Palazzolo Acreide municipality

Producers and breeders:

Casa della Salsiccia, di Maria Santa Baglieri, Palazzolo Acreide (Sr), Piazza Liberazione 2, Tel. +39 339 5085338,

Macelleria Colosa, di Maria Gallo, Palazzolo Acreide (Sr), Corso Vittorio Emanuele 87, Tel. +39 0931 882441 / +39 338 5864426,

Macelleria Corsino, Palazzolo Acreide (Sr), Via Antonello da Messina 2, Tel. +39 0931 882568 /+39 339 6579667,,

Macelleria Garfì, Di Paolo Garfì, Palazzolo Acreide (Sr), Via Giardino Pubblico 10, Tel. 368 3438901 – 338 4235141,

Azienda Agricola di Maltese Amodeo e Calogero, Palazzolo Acreide (Sr), C.da Giannavì snc, Tel. +39 0931 881776 / +39 334 9874455,

Opifin, Palazzolo Acreide (Sr), Via G. Campailla, Tel. 335 7458141,

Az. Agr. Musso Giovanni – Allevatore, C.da Serravetrano, Noto (Sr),

Amenta Rosalia Allevatrice, C.da Palombara, Canicattini Bagni (Sr),



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