In the heart of a Site of Community Importance is Sa Marchesa, a company powered by self-produced energy, attentive to sustainability and immersed in the biodiversity of the Sardinian countryside of Barigadu, on the plateau of Fordongianus.

It is here that surrounded by olive trees, mastic trees, oaks and green Mediterranean maquis, Giuseppe Cugusi, a shepherd for 40 years, supported by his life partner Laura, produces six types of raw milk cheeses entirely by hand and exclusively from his Sardinian sheep.

Among the mature cheeses stand out:

  • the award-winning Fiore Sardo DOP, a Pecorino aged and smoked with woods and herbs of the Sardinian countryside and produced with lamb rennet
  • Lazzone, a Pecorino in which calf rennet is used, washed with extra virgin olive oil and lightly smoked.

Among the semi-aged cheeses, in his sheepfold Giuseppe produces:

  • Sa Marchesa, a delicate table pecorino
  • Foz’e Murta, flavoured with myrtle berries
  • Barone, perfumed with s’armidda, a Sardinian wild thyme
  • Barigadu, skillfully enhanced with the addition of black truffle from Acqualagna

The tenacity of Giuseppe and Laura, their perseverance, the love for the traditions of Sardinia and the attention for a completely handmade production, without additives or preservatives, give their fruits to a small and exclusive cheese production destined to renowned restaurants, wine stores and specialized stores.


Phone:+39 328 6027607


Via Cagliari, 59
08020 Gavoi (NU)
shepherds’ fiore sardo

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Last modified: 23 May 2022
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