The farm is a small wine-growing and agritourism, located in the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli. The name “Ronc dai Luchis” comes from the Friulian language and means “hillside vineyards owned by the De luca family (Casali De Luca)”. The company has continued to cultivate the same funds for over 250 years, establishing a deep bond with the territory.

Today it covers about 20 hectares of arable land, 6 hectares of vineyards and 2 hectares of olive groves. This land gives precious fruits, real niche products such as the wines Refosco di Faedis and the noble Picolit, or the fine extra virgin olive oil cold pressed.

For over 10 years, recovering several farmhouses, the company has also specialized in farm accommodation offering the opportunity to stay in close contact with nature.


Phone:+39 0432728108 /+39 3402452040


Via Udine 260
33040 Faedis (UD)

The winery boasts a long tradition that has been handed down for three generations. Started by grandfather Anselmo, consolidated by his son Enni and continued by his grandson Federico, it is now the predominant activity of the family.

From the production of bulk wine, in 1997 we turned to bottle the wine with its own label, in order to enhance the quality of the product and the image of the company. Nowadays, the production adds up to three hundred hectolitres per year, corresponding to 15,000 bottles.

The winery combines the most modern technologies with the traditional method of winemaking and is present on the Italian and foreign markets.

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Ronc dai Luchis

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Last modified: 23 May 2022
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