The Romano family cultivates their land in a sustainable way, with a strong sense of respect for the environment.

Over the years, the cultivation system has evolved: the company has gone from cereal-livestock, to multi-crop company growing citrus, olive oil, almonds, wheat, legumes and artichokes.

Lorenzo (Senior), together with his sons Calogero and Filippo, both agronomists, manages the family business with professionalism, love and dedication, giving more and more space to change, evolution and innovation, never separated from the protection of the territory and traditions of the place.


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menfi spiny artichoke

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  • Spiny artichoke

The spiny artichoke is the crop that distinguishes the company. It occupies 50% of the surface invested in artichokes, while the rest is destined to artichokes Thema 2000, Violetto and Romanesco.
The harvesting season begins in December and ends in April.

The Romano family, from generation to generation, has dedicated much attention to the selection of the best Spinoso plants, promoting, moreover, the foundation of the Association of Spinoso Artichoke Producers of Menfi.
In 2012 it obtained the important recognition of the Slow Food Presidium, which allowed the product to be known beyond regional, national and European borders, obtaining great consensus among restaurateurs and consumers who appreciate its aromatic complexity, high fiber content and extraordinary crunchiness.

The Thema 2000 artichoke is characterized by its distinct precocity: its production begins in the third decade of October and continues until April. Its head has external bracts of an intense violet color with slight green nuances and straw yellow internally, elongated and ending with a small thorn, fleshy and tender.
It is tasty, versatile, rich in fiber and a good quantity of minerals.

  • Olioso, EVO Oil

Olioso, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of our company, is obtained by selecting the best fruits of the Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Biancolilla varieties, grown exclusively in organic farming.

Their different characteristics have been combined in order to give the product the peculiarities of each one: the richness in polyphenols of Nocellara, the pungency and bitterness of Cerasuola and the sweetness and softness of Biancolilla.

Olioso has an intense green color and a medium fruity taste, with hints of basil, tomato and artichoke. It is able to intensify the taste of dishes, marrying well with different preparations, such as bruschetta, tomato salad, cereal or legume soup, caprese, roasted fish, etc.

It is available in 0.5 liter bottles and 5 liter cans. Bottles are available in boxes of 6 units, cans in boxes of 2 and 4 units.

  • Almonds

These seeds are a panacea for our health: they have a high content of vitamin E, which performs a recognized antioxidant action in the human body, so they can be considered an important natural supplement. They can be tasted alone or as an ingredient in elaborate recipes.

Available in shell or shelled.

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