Ristorante Del Monte of Berolatti Luca - brand Agrival

The brand Agrival® adds to the historical values of the company, the contemporaneity, and innovation. Founded in 1981, in 2015 the brand Agrival® is taken over by chef Luca Berolatti.

The chef selects and processes the raw material with respect and care, supporting the local market.
The seasonality of the products that change as in the restaurant menu makes Agrival a virtuous company. It is actually a choice that offers a great stimulus to create continuously new recipes, always respecting the rigor of the production methods and with a high-quality standard.

With his innovative but rigorous classic Potager method, chef Luca Berolatti prepares jams and marmalades of extra value and character, mostly based on apples from Aosta Valley, and processed in a pan 4 kg at a time without the addition of any thickeners, colorants, additives.


Phone:+39 347 781 8340


Corso Lancieri di Aosta, 13/I
11100 Aosta (AO)

Agrival’s products represent the uniqueness of the Aosta Valley with its mountain landscapes and scents.

The products are processed by Agrival in a natural and artisanal way. The raw materials are carefully selected before being processed with care and passion.



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Ristorante Del Monte di Berolatti Luca - Marchio Agrival

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The images represent the naturalness, freshness and craftsmanship of Agrival’s products.


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