Ricola: go green!
Love for Nature and its protection are the core values of Ricola’s philosophy. The swiss family-run company, since 1930, produces herb specialties (candies and herb teas) using a blend of 13 medical herbs (Elder, Horehound, Mallow, Peppermint, Sage, Thyme, Cowslip, Burnet, Yarrow, Marsh Mallow, Lady’s Mantle, Speedwell or Veronica, Plaintain). As to Ricola the protection of the environment on the one hand means using only natural ingredients for its products, and on the other hand its production is based on a sense of

These 13 herbs, the heart of Ricola products, are grown on Swiss mountains and cared for by farmers who have plural-years contracts with Ricola that allow long term sustainment and protection to their work. Here herbs are cultivated with the help of natural methods and organic farming, without the use of pesticides nor chimical fertilisers and primarily through manual labor, as these methods allow an untouched biodiversity.  Over hundred farms working for Ricola have been awarded with the “Gemma” label, the award of Bio Suisse (The Swiss Association of the organizations for biological agriculture), obtained through the observance of the most restrictive requirements of EU Directives

Once mature, the herbs are gathered and start their journey to the Herb Center in Laufen, the town where Ricola was founded and where the company still has its headquarter nowadays. This herb center is a unique building in Europe, as it is designed by the famous architects Herzog&De Meuron, and also because of the reduced  environmental impact of the building, as the building material is zero km clay from the Laufen Valley. Each year 1,4 millions of fresh herbs tonnes are dried, washed, cut, mixed and stocked in the Herb Center. Also the logistics of this enormous clay warehouse is conceived to reduce as much as possible movements and consequently CO2 emissions.

Throughout the years. Ricola was able to position itself as strongly connected to sustainability and as a environmental respecting company, not reflecting the stereotypical imagery of the big multinational company which takes over environment: on the contrary, Ricola rather tries to adapt to the environment, respecting its balances. Balmy candies, available in 12 different flavours and formats for every need, arrive to consumers hands directly from Ricola headquarters. There are also 5 varieties of soluble and instant teas, ideal to be consumed hot and cold.

Taking care of Nature doesn’t mean being unaffected by innovation. As a matter of fact, since 2019, Ricola has introduced a new line of functional candies, which have the purpose to give to consumers a special sensation of freedom to their respiratory track. So Ricola Azione Glaciale was born: this functional candy has an extra dose of menthol, thanks to that consumers seeking an intense flavour can prove a sense of immediate relief. Since Autumn 2020 this new line is enriched by Azione Glaciale Limone Mentolo: the strength of menthol meets the freshness of concentrated lemon juice.

As to Ricola’s Future, but also to its Past, the matching colour is green: the brand wants to continue to offer to all its consumers quality products, realized with natural prime matters that are handled with care, and, at the same time, wants to be respectful of the environment, so the final product encloses not only taste, but also includes a special attention and responsibility for Nature and its rhythms.


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