The great travellers of the time had already written about an extraordinary territory, about a landscape linked to an agriculture where biodiversity finds its maximum expression, from the sea to the mountains. And in fact, Sicily has never ceased to amaze for the quantity and quality of animal breeds, vegetable ecotypes, vegetable and fruit varieties, cereals, dairy traditions and unique processed products that express a diversity that characterizes the territory.
With an innovative Regional Law (19/2013) Sicily faces the world of protection and enhancement of genetic resources in a responsible way, promoting the cataloging and preservation of heritage in a dynamic way, especially through a widespread network of farmers custodians who help to preserve the heritage enrolled in the regional register.
Sicilian agricultural production cannot disregard biodiversity and the wise ability of many farmers and entrepreneurs who are committed daily to give a sense of accomplishment and excellence to the many local productions. At a time when the ecological transition is an imperative need and agriculture must contribute significantly to the mitigation of the climate crisis, the biodiversity of agricultural interest assumes a strategic role because it is not only a matter of economically enhance traditional resources but also to give them a crucial ecological function.
The commitment of the Department of Agriculture of the Department of Agriculture, Land Development and Mediterranean Fisheries of the Sicilian Region has never failed over time. The work carried out, also in close collaboration with Slow Food, demonstrates a sensitivity towards sustainable agricultural models, agroecology, the traditional rural landscape, a transformation of quality linked to virtuous processes, so that they are tools for the enhancement of regional potential, aware that the geographical position of the island is an indispensable resource and a responsibility for the future of the Mediterranean. The presence at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020 takes on the meaning of strengthening alliances for a dynamic and holistic conservation of biodiversity in a vision that looks at the contribution that Sicily wants to responsibly give to the preservation of the planet.



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