Out of the white cattle breeds, the Romagnola is considered the most resistant to the elements. Its adaptability to difficult environments and its dislike of stall housing make it an excellent grazing animal.

The breed is used for its meat, and the traditional farming method, involving free grazing during the summer months and an exclusively natural diet, guarantees beef of superior quality.
The best cuts, especially the large, flavorful chops, stand up well to comparison with the more famous Chianina.
Roast rump or tenderloin, cooked slowly and gently according to Romagna tradition, are also excellent.

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Out of the half a million head of Romagnola cattle in Italy in 1953, just 15,000 remain today. Given the breed’s hardiness, it is well suited to grazing the pastures of the Romagna Apennines, though this requires added effort from the farmers, an effort which is often not adequately repaid by the market. The Presidium has drawn up a production protocol governing the breed’s farming. In the Il Magnifico consortium, it has joined together a group of farmers who are willing to launch a project guaranteeing complete traceability along the production and supply chain.

Production area
Forlì-Cesena Province



Il Boschetto, Premilcuore (Fc), Via Cantina di Sopra 1, tel. +39 339 8328061, lory.cucchi@alice.it, www.az-agr-boschetto.it

Emiliano Ceccarelli, Bagno di Romagna (Fc), Via Monteguidi Cardeto 34, tel. +39 0543 913049, cecca71@hotmail.com

Corte San Ruffillo, Dovadola FC, Via San Ruffillo 12, tel. +39 3283260351, laboratorio@cortesanruffillo.it

L’Eremo, San Godenzo (Fi), Località Eremo 58, sebula@lamiamail.net

Fattoria Castello, di Antonio Ravaioli, Predappio (Fc), Via Castello 32 – San Savino, tel. +39 347 4243435, fattoriacastello@icloud.com

Cesare Martini, Galeata (Fc), Via Pantano 70, tel. +39 339 2326385, info@aziendamartini.it, www.aziendamartini.it

Prato di Pietro Tassinari, Premilcuore (Fc), Via Roma 22, tel. +39 0543 956318, azagr.prato@libero.it

Vittoriano Sartori, Portico San Benedetto (Fc), Via Borgo all’Erta 4, sartori.vittoriano@libero.it

Zavoli, Saludecio (Rn), Via Pulzona 3678, tel. +39 338 6784019, az.agr.zavoli@gmail.com

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