Azienda Olivicola Ragozzino De Marco was born at the foot of Monti Trebulani (Campania region), near Trebula Balliensis, a Samnite and then Roman city known as the Pompeii of the Samnites.

On this land we decided to invest in full respect for the production cycles of nature, using only certified organic farming methods, an ambitious project that combines the values of tradition with a modern business reality.

Choosing to work our land also means focusing on local varieties of olive trees, through a process of recovery, preservation and enhancement of the most significant and ancient specimens of olive trees, encouraging the development of marginal areas, fulfilling the important function of protecting biodiversity.

In order to guarantee the high standards of quality we aim for, we have equipped ourselves with an oil mill, designed and prepared with every care to safeguard the peculiarities of the oil produced. We aim for excellence without compromise.



Phone:+39 0823 876819 / +39 348 3319040


Via Madonna delle Grazie s.n.c.
81040 Pontelatone (CE)
italian extra virgin olive oil

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