The association Quelli della Bombetta was created to disseminate and promote the ancient tradition of fornello, a typical grilled meat cooking, widespread in Puglia, in the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, concentrating its fulcrum in the Itria valley.

In the ancient heart of the cities, the custom of the fornello (cooker) is kept alive: a butchery with an internal oven where the butcher can roast the freshly meat you choose at the counter and then consume it on site or on the street.

Our aim is to gather around our association local butchers; time after time, we are able to move into situations of great interest, involving them on such occasions to tell this old tradition.

We use is to present the territory it belongs to through cooking and tasting the “bombetta”, the raw materials used and the men who animate this tradition, the purpose then is to entice people to come to Puglia in order to experience the originality of the¬†fornello¬†in the places where it was born and lives.

Our attention then focuses on the choice of production realities to be involved. We rigorously try to select them using some criteria that are the basis of our associative principles: typicality of the product, local availability of the raw material, craftsmanship of preparation and above all particular attention is paid to those realities that invest in young figures to transmit this tradition .

The quality factor remains essential for us!


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